Patlock is the home security product and visual deterrent for French and Conservatory doors.

Designed to deter and stop would-be intruders, the Patlock provides extra security and instant peace of mind for the homeowner.

The Patlock is easy to fit and works by holding the door handles in place. This ensures that the door mechanism cannot be opened, even if the locks are snapped or removed.

In addition, each Patlock comes with a pair of tamper resist spindles to enhance the security that Patlock provides.

  • Instant french door security lock.
  • Easily fitted and released in seconds.
  • No keys or code numbers required.
  • Adds extra security and provides peace of mind.
  • Supplied with a pair of tamper resist door spindles.
  • Locks patio doors securely, stops intruders fast.
  • Patent registered design, developed in the UK.