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How secure do you think a Push Button Lock really is? Push Button Locks are a simple way to control who can enter into rooms or buildings. You find them in all kinds of places. Jewellers, Hospitals, Schools, Airports, even Police stations. But think twice before you mistake them for being secure.

CodeGUARD 5 from UNION is a new generation of push button mechanical locks, purpose-designed to bring serious security to access control.

CodeGUARD 5 has  been tested to the very limits of endurance. 200,000 punishing test cycles to make sure the BS3621 standard latch works first time, every time. Prolonged exposure to the destructive effects of corrosive salt water, making sure the 304 grade Stainless Steel construction keeps your door secure in the harshest conditions. And subjected to continual, brutal assault to ensure you can install a push button lock solution that delivers what you really want – reliable security that exceeds BS8607 Grade 5.

The result? A push button lock which you can install almost anywhere and will protect you from violent attack. This is access control that shrugs off abuse thanks to its fortress construction and integrated deadlocking latch that makes it much stronger than lesser alternatives.

CodeGUARD 5 reaches new performance levels never seen before. That’s why BSI awarded CodeGUARD 5 the new BS8607 Grade 5, the highest grade possible. Only devices that make this grade can use the coveted BSI Kite Mark. And with a 3 year guarantee as standard, you can safely recommend CodeGUARD 5 with the confidence to Fit and Forget.

How Secure Are Push Button Locks?

Access Control With Security As Standard

Not all Push Button Locks are created equal.  CodeGUARD 5 contains unmatched strength and durability - designed and tested to protect against serious sustained attack. Take a look round CodeGUARD 5 and discover its hidden strengths.

  • Universal handing and fixings for timber and metal doors – one product suits all applications
  • Each product is issued with its own individual code to deter opportunists if the factory code is not reset
  • Over 2000 combinations available
  • Resistance to sustained attack when trying to remove the unit from the door
  • Suitable for 30 & 60 minute timber fire doors and 240 minute metal fire doors
  • The deadlocking latch construction provides increased resistance to attack
  • Automatically deadlocks the latch when it comes into contact with the security box strike
  • If the unit is removed the auto firing pin releases to deadlock the unit permanently
  • Ergonomic styled handles and attractive finish. 
  • Ideal for perimeter security applications. Maintains aesthetics and performance over time

CodeGUARD 5. Secure Access Control For Any Application
  • Hospitals
  • Transport
  • Police & Civil Defence
  • Retail & High Value Consumer Goods
  • Education
  • Stadiums
  • Sensitive Data
  • Pharmacies & Chemicals
  • Public Buildings

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