After just five years of ownership under the Jain family and continual investment in product and infrastructure, Avocet Hardware is once again a name to be reckoned with and its owners have their eyes firmly on redefining home security – specifically the safety of uPVC and other double glazed doors and windows.

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Good Traditions

Not everything has changed at Avocet. The company still continues to do the things that made it stand out from the competition and do them extremely well.
  • Every step of the product cycle is still handled directly by Avocet
  • Products are designed, developed and tested in the UK
  • Avocet still continues to strive to evolve as a sophisticated innovator, manufacturer and distributor
  • The company remains committed to delivering quality engineered products to the UK window and door fabrication market as well as its rapidly growing multiples and merchant division
  • Avocet still constantly revisits and re-examines everything it does with a view to improving upon it
  • A product development programme continually looks to introduce new products to market – products that are developed through a combination of input from Avocet’s highly experienced sales and innovative technical teams, and customer feedback.


Avocet CEO, Rythm Jain Saigal said: “We are proud of our products, our people and the fact we have come through adversity and are back to doing what Avocet does best – making products that truly stand out; products that provide not just safety and security, but peace of mind.

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