Fix 95% of Doors Today With Our Handy Guide

Locksmiths: HUGE discount on Super Starter Pack

Fix 95% of Doors Today With Our Handy Guide

Lost a key? Let the door swing shut behind you? Gone out to the shop and left the house keys in your other pants? We've all been there. In all of those situations, people turn to the one person they know they can trust…the locksmith! Locksmiths must be ready with all the right tools and products. Customers will often go with the first person to call out to replace their door lock. The race is on from the moment the customer lifts the phone.

The locksmith needs to have the required lock in stock to secure the job. But it can be quite costly to hold a large inventory of stock to suit every door. Also, it can be costly and time-consuming for the customer to organiae a second or third appointment. However, you don’t need to break the bank (or the customer's door) anymore, here are our suggestions to fix 95% of doors on the market.

The Quick Fix

‘We always advise our customers, not to get ready but stay ready! You won’t find many trade counters open at 3am when looking for a replacement lock’ says Sean Hendricks, Universal Products Shop Manager. ‘If you stock these essential products, these sort most doors on the market.’

A quick fix is an Overnight Lock Case. This product enables customers to lock their doors securely at night until a more permanent and secure replacement can be sourced.

Home Burglary and Replacements

Last year saw an increase in demand for replacement locks. This is in part due to the sharp rise in home break-ins. The latest CSO report shows that Home burglaries have risen by 20% from the previous 12 months (, 2022).

Security and compatibility is a major concern for both locksmiths and customers. In an emergency, having the right products is essential and often cannot wait. It can be especially frustrating for homeowners or occupants who have experienced a burglary. To reassure the customer and put them at ease, tradespeople and locksmiths need to be sure they have these items.

A high security, high quality replacement is the Yale Door Master with a 3 Hook and 2 Roller door lock. This has been lauded by security agencies as one of the best on the market and is PAS 24 certified (Police Approved Secured).

If a home has been broken into, the latch keep often needs replacing. Latch keep is often broken from the profile, so exact measurements are essential. One unique solution is a Flexi Door Centre Latch Keep This suits nearly all door profile sizes.  

Hard To Find Replacements

For more obscure requests there are specialised items like balcony door lock replacements, it is recommended to keep the Lockmaster Cropped Sprung Single Spindle at your disposal. Ideal for balcony door applications, it can secure most apartment complexes and patio doors.

Older product lines that are no longer in production, can be tricky to find replacements for. There are so many brands on the market, GU Lock, Millenco, Ferco, Safeware  and many more.  

Good News Ahead

The market is going through a series of transformations in recent years, due to an increase in new builds and home improvements couple with the rising cost of living. One of Ireland’s leading trades websites, reports a year-on-year job growth in the Repair and Maintenance sector ‘by 56% in 2022’.  

With an increase demand for replacing and updating hardware this may bring new challenges, with the cost of living and materials increasing worldwide, consumers and trades people may look to save costs where possible.

‘We encourage customers to not cut corners and try get the right products that will last the test of time. We want to give our customers choice and provide the best value possible. To help them enjoy the best we have to offer, we have bundled together a Super Starter Pack to make it easy for installers and end users a quick and secure solution’

-Sean, Universal Products Retail Shop Manager

Universal Products are currently running a limited time deal with 60% off the Super Starter Pack, at only €350 ex. VAT.

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