What to Do with Old Windows

Should I Upgrade my Windows?

Windows provide us with safety and protection from the elements outside, an essential part of any home. Aesthetically windows can get tired and old from everyday use, however there may be more problems than meets the eye.

Before replacing any window hardware ask yourself these questions:

Can the window open and close smoothly? Is there a draft coming through the window? Does the window frame or handle work properly? Are my windows secure enough? 

Answer yes to any one of these questions, then please read on for handy guide on how to upgrade your old windows.

Window Gaskets

Over time the insulation on a window can degrade and wear down. Draughts and air can leak through the window because of gaps between the glass and window frame. One of the major benefits of adding new gaskets is that it can help with compression. Compression on a window means the window can close tight and does not have any gaps or loose fittings.

Silicone Rubber has fantastic sealing and insulation properties. Sanok Rubber Gaskets are tested to withstand the coldest of conditions and retain their insulation properties. This range of gaskets can withstand and perform at both extremely high and low temperatures. The material is also highly durable and long-lasting. We recommend buying bulk gaskets to insulate all rooms in a house. Gaskets are available to cut by metre or in a large spool by order for easy storage.

Old gaskets are easy to remove and gently separate using a credit card or flat blunt knife. We advise you to check your window gaskets each Winter or before every cold spell. This will help keep your windows winter ready with this cost and energy-saving solution.

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Window Hinges

Window hinges are one of the most important mechanisms on a window. Also known as friction hinges, they connect the two window sashes together, making it easy to open and close.

Things to consider when replacing window hinges:

Weight of Windows

The load bearing capacity of the window hinges, determines the amount of weight the hinges can support. Generally, for most modern homes, hinges with a load-bearing capacity of up to 50kg should be enough.

Clear Opening (Fire Escape)

According to gov.ie and building regulation in Ireland, windows must also have a clear opening in the event of a fire. Window hinges can be made with a provision for this called ‘egress mode’ (helps create a clear opening). The opening of the window should have a width of ‘no less than 450mm’ and also ‘…should be capable of remaining in the position which provides this minimum clear open area’ (gov.ie, 2022). To ensure all repairs and maintenance is in keeping with regulation, we recommend getting a certified installer to specify and fit these hinges.

Easy Clean Mode

To get the most out of your windows, newer friction hinges have an easy clean mode and opening setting. You can clean the otherside of the window easily with the simple press of a button. A welcome safety feature that prevents the need to climb up a ladder to clean upstairs windows. Highly recommended for houses or buildings in a busy urban area or dwelling facing a road, dirt and grime can build up very quickly.

‘Silicone Lubricant - the WD-40 for window installers…’

Silicone Lubricant must-have for anyone looking to replace or repair window parts. When any piece of hardware has been replaced, there maybe old screws or fittings underneath the hardware or elsewhere. To prevent contamination from debris, dust, rust or mould, a quick spray of Silicone Lubricant is all you need. Simply apply around the frame and under the window gaskets, to help repel mould. It is colourless, odourless and non-toxic, perfect for working with in house with poor ventilation or in smaller spaces. Highly recommended for home renovations as it prevents paints, glues and waxes attaching to the plastic or glass surface of the window. Essential part of any homeowner, installer, or repair person.

‘More than a third of burglars enter your property through a window…’

According to an article from Garda.ie, ‘more than a third of burglars enter your property through a window’. When securing your home, windows are often overlooked as a very easy access point for burglars.

If the homeowner is unsure of how old the window is, the standard of production and strength of the windows come into question. Older windows often fall below the safety and security and manufacturing standards (European standard I.S. EN 1627:2011). Most windows 10 years or older were fitted with ‘Standard Espag Window Locks’.

Modern windows are now manufactured with ‘twin cam’ window locks. Twin cam window locks have additional locking features, with locking points at the corner of the window frame as well as in the window keeps.

Window Locks replacements are easy to source and install. We recommend taking exact measurements of the length of the window lock.  Window locks come in three styles with Inline, Offset and Slimline, 

Click here to see our handy guide on how to measure a window lock and find the most suitable replacement.

Get a Handle On Your Windows!

Old window handles can often get stuck and lock, making it difficult to close or open the window. The window handle can have a button to push and release, this can degrade after so many years. Window handles are often relatively inexpensive to replace. The matched

You may need to get a ‘cranked’ window handle, this provides more space between the window frame and handle, for your hand to open it. Most handles however are inline window handles, straight and 90 degrees to the window frame. The window handle is connected to the window lock by a spindle, this may degrade over time. Users can have a choice of locking or non-locking handles. For added security locking handles come with a key. It is time to change the handle when the becomes stiff and will not close properly. This leaves your window vulnerable to burglars as the window can be opened from the outside.

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For extra safety…

For parents with young children, windows need to be secured so they do not open fully. Window restrictors are a great and inexpensive accessory, that can be attached with a screw attached to both the fixed and moving part of the window frame.

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If you are need more information on upgrading your window hardware contact our Sales Support and Technical team, who are always to happy answer any questions you might have.

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